About #LepakInSG

#LepakInSG was conceived on 25th January and born 4 days later, on 29th January.

The proud parents are: Lastrina, Xiang Tian and Gracie

What is #LepakInSG?
Lepak means chilling out, #LepakInSG is a calendar of events you can attend, chill out and experience environmental stuff!

A one-stop calendar listing environmental events and activities in Singapore, so anyone can see at a glance what is going on at any given day!

Literature, Educational, Political, Animal, Kreative (creative) events related to the Environment can be shared on #LepakInSG, allowing people to see at a glance, what is happening on which day! Contributors are organisations and groups listed on the Singapore Green Landscape, or other groups that host one-time events related to the environment.

We also organize offline events. More about that here.

What can be shared on #LepakInSG?

  1. Public Events/Activities with an environmental theme held in Singapore and costs below $20
  2. Public Events by any organisation/group listed on the Singapore Green Landscape can be listed (regardless of cost)
  3. IF your event does not fall under the above categories, but is related to environmental issues or have environmental themes, it will be reviewed on a case by case basis.


How do I share my events?

  1. Fill in the form if you’re not listed on the Singapore Green Landscape.

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