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LepakInSG is an informal environmental group – with the keyword being informal.

Our original reason for existence was to run an online calendar of environmental events, but after doing solely that for a month, we got bored. So we started to organise offline activities to raise action and awareness about various environmental issues!

Learn more about who we are and what we stand for here!

Calendar of environmental events and activities in Singapore

How to use the calendar

Simply click on the event titles for description & copy the links to register for the events

Add events to our calendar

Please feel free to add your event to our calendar! We welcome public events/ activities with an environmental theme held in Singapore. Preferably ones that cost below $20 to encourage accessibility.

Follow these steps:

  • Fill in this form and your event will automatically be published on our calendar
  • If you’re facing any technical issues, please reach out to us at lepakinsg@gmail.com
  • Note: We regularly vet through events that are added through this form. If you’re putting up an expensive overseas conference, or an event irrelevant to environmental issues, we reserve the right to remove your event from our calendar

    Advocating for systemic change

    Our advocacy work is powered (no, not by natural gas) but by our volunteers! Our organisation is broadly involved in both biodiversity and climate-based issues. Learn more about our work below:


    Our Wild Spaces (Land Use Planning)

    The land use planning team focuses on land use and biodiversity conservation issues. We work on initiatives that range from translating technical environmental assessments to bite-size content, attending government consultations and working on awareness campaigns like “Our Wild Spaces”.



    PublicAction is an initiative by LepakInSG that aims to improve public literacy of government publications. PublicAction reads and discusses government publications with subject matter experts and members of the public to encourage the public to have a more in-depth understanding of environmental policies and issues.


    Food Sustainability

    To reduce SG’s total imports and consumption of carbon-intensive meat, our team is exploring intra-national and international factors that may influence meat imports and consumption in SG, as well as potential pathways to reduce these numbers with the support of the government, corporations and other stakeholders.



    We organise meetups for biodiversity and climate advocates to come together, learn about each other’s causes over a casual, ‘lepak’ setting. All with the goal of bringing people together.


    Climate Research and Advocacy

    We breakdown and work on more deep-seated environmental issues in Singapore and engage with the relevant stakeholders, for Singapore to advance towards a more sustainable and ecologically responsible country and member of the global community.

    P.s. We support the preservation of Singapore’s documentary heritage with web archiving by the National Library, Singapore.

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